Eternal Package

This package benefits the bride who wants a hands on approach to wedding planning, but is in need direction and wants someone she trusts to execute her vision. The package provides the best of both worlds. You have access to a breadth of resources to reduce the guess work in planning. It also relieves you of the responsibility of worrying the day of the wedding we will step right in to ensure your day goes smoothly. We provide you with the tools to complete your vision and more importantly, we will be there to pick up the pieces and ensure that you have a worry free day.

Timeless Package

This package who benefits the busy bride who simply does not have time for planning her entire wedding. While she has a vision of what she wants time is not on her side. We will have a thorough discussion of what the couples wants and needs are for there big day and present the best vendors to help them meet their needs. Each package is customized base on individual couple needs.


Next Steps...

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